Notebook paper saying community survey update

March 14, 2024:

community survey final results, three pie charts

February 16, 2024: 

The School District of Greenwood is requesting feedback. Please complete the Community Survey if you are a resident of the school district. Please complete the attached survey: (Survey closed)

January 17, 2024:

The School Districts of Greenwood and Loyal Boards of Education agreed to send out a survey to all district residents asking one question about support for consolidation of the two districts.  This was going to be sent through regular mail with a return postcard or electronic option to give feedback.  After consultation with the USPS and TP Printing, it was determined the cost to do this was quite high, well over $1500 per district. Therefore, both districts will look to ask this question in their upcoming newsletter that will be delivered in the TRG newspaper in early-mid February.  An electronic response will still be available. An update to this will be shared at the January 24th regular school board meetings.  The Loyal newsletter is February 7 and Greenwood's is February 14.  If you have any questions, please contact the district office.