Mission Statement

To meet the needs of every student, every day


Pride, Passion, and Excellence

Core Values

1. Students first

  • Indicators:
    • Provide a comprehensive education for all students
    • Individualize learning opportunities to respond to the uniqueness of our learners
    • Utilize research-based, rigorous curricula and authentic applications and assessments
    • Foster students’ successes while valuing student individuality, dignity and diversity
    • Encourage high standards for quality work and personal conduct

2. Stakeholders committed to pride, passion and excellence

  • Indicators:
    • Strive for excellence through collaboration and professional development
    • Display passion for students and the learning process
    • Attract, retain and support effective educators
    • Promote positive and effective communication between staff, administration and the school board
    • Value staff and community involvement in school activities

3. Parent/community partnerships

  • Indicators:
    • Increase opportunities for family and community involvement
    • Utilize highly effective communication approaches to reach all stakeholders
    • Create partnerships that increase learning opportunities and resources

4. Results matter

  • Indicators:
    • Engage and inform the community to promote continual district growth and improvement
    • Entertain proposals for change or innovation with an open mind
    • Provide an environment that cultivates new ideas and strategies
    • Use reliable data as a basis for decision making

5. Next generation skills

  • Indicators:
    • Identify and expand technology to maximize learning for all
    • Provide relevant and authentic learning experiences
    • Cultivate collaboration, collective inquiry, problem-solving, creativity and leadership
    • Provide opportunities for career and college readiness
    • Extend learning options beyond district boundaries

6. Quality facilities and equipment

  • Indicators:
    • Provide safe, welcoming and well-maintained buildings that enhance teaching and learning
    • Create a long-range plan to maintain facilities and equipment
    • Encourage community use of district facilities